The DiSec Magnetic Lock Protector now available on Shield Security Doors


Just a few lines to tell you that we are delighted with our new Shield security door. It is a supreme-quality door which now makes our home feel like a fortress. The quality of customer service you provided all throughout was second to none, and the installation was hassle-free. It was a great pleasure doing business with your sales department and dealing with your friendly and professional fitters. I will definitely recommend you to others. Rarely in my life have I felt more satisfied with a purchase!

Kind regards, Ismael Rionda, London NW9

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The DiSec Magnetic Lock Protector now available on Shield Security Doors

The Magnetic Lock Protector sits over your lock, protecting the cylinder. It prevents tampering, vandalism, and commonly used picking tools. It also prevents a thief from determining the type of cylinder, lock or key to make to break into your home.

It works as follows: the key holds a magnetic combination. Once you put it on, it engages the magnets and releases the cover, allowing it to rotate to reveal the cylinder. Once you've opened your door, you then rotate it to lock again.

By having this lock protector you prevent mischievous children from coming along and putting glue or pebbles in your lock, which may seem innocent enough but actually can lock you out of your home.

The magnets used are rare earth magnets, the strongest time of permanent magnet made. Keys can only be duplicated with your personal and confidential code, therefore you have the peace of mind that no unauthorised copies can be made.

You also can rest easy that when you are away from home for an extended period of time, no one will have the opportunity to determine the type of cylinder you use.


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