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Products security rooms panic rooms
panic-room-s.jpg Panic rooms or safe rooms have become a popular trend in home construction as a result of declining prices and increase in demand. The safe room is a room usually located in a central location in your home. The safe room should be surrounded by other rooms with usually just one entrance. The purpose of this room is to provide an ultra-safe location within the interior of the home, where the family can retreat during a robbery or other threat.

Basically the safe room is a box reinforced and supported on all six sides. Think of this as a vault for your most valuable asset, your family. While these can also be used to store valuable possessions such as cash and jewels this is typically intended as a safety zone for the residents of the home.

Typically the skeletal or support structure of this room will be either steel beams or bricks and concrete blocks. The ceiling will usually consist of materials such as tin or unusually strong wood. Usually bricks or concrete blocks are not used as the roof since it would require an unusually strong support.

The entire concept is that this room should be impenetrable with the exception of a bulldozer, tank or dynamite. Since most crooks do not carry any of these items this ensures the safety of the occupant. Usually the door will be constructed of a double-core metal with a heavy deadbolt installed. While you may desire to use a different style lock it is probably best to use a deadbolt so that the need for a key has been eliminated. Naturally the lock should be located on the inside of the room.

Since these safety rooms are intended for protection of your family they must be set up in such a way that they are ‘livable'. Of course no one ever plans to need this space so the cost and investment of this room is a lot like an insurance policy. This insurance policy needs to provide it's occupants with the standard necessities. This may include a sink, toilet, some food, furniture and an alternative light source such as a flashlight.

It is pertinent that this space have a means of communication with the outside world. In most cases if you need to retreat to this space then you will also need to contact emergency services such as the police department. It is also a good idea to have a video monitor inside the safe room that shows activity outside the door and in other locations throughout the house.

In areas that are prone to tornados these safe rooms would serve as an ideal refuge against the storm. Since a fire usually can not penetrate these rooms it would also serve as a safe place in the event of a fire.

While cost of the room may seem a little excessive for a space you will hopefully never need, if you should end up needing it you will certainly be glad you have it. Also while having the room may keep you safe, it is also a good idea to have a plan for the usage of your safety room. You should run drills with your family to familiarize everyone with how to use this room in the event of an emergency. Keep it stocked; it will do no good to not have the proper necessities on hand.

Remember once you enter the room, to contact the police and inform them of the emergency and the location of the safe room so they can rescue you. Never leave the room till aide arrives. This is another good reason to have video surveillance, so you can visually verify that it is indeed the police department.

Although it may be referred to as a ‘panic room', remember that the purpose of the room is not for you to panic but rather for you to be safe.



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