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Services security room installations


While security doors may be our most popular product our focus is on your overall security and safety. In this regard we extend our product line to include security deposit boxes, safe rooms and other products all aimed at providing you the utmost in security.

Our safe rooms are constructed to meet your personal needs. We start by finding out from you what these needs are, then we design a safe room that implements those specific needs. After presenting our plans to you and making any necessary modifications we then set out to construct the safety room that you helped design. Our engineers will work hand and hand with you thru the entire process and will be dedicated to using their experience and know-how to produce ‘your’ security room.

We can use part of any room all ready existing in your home such as a bedroom or office and convert it into your safety room. We will implement a hidden door into your existing room’s décor.

Our security rooms are constructed with only the best materials available. We will use a combination of reinforced steel sheeting and frames and also concrete blocks or bricks to construct the walls and ceiling. We cap off the entrance with a steel door that uses a special locking mechanism. We then equip your safety room with the best video surveillance equipment and top of the line communication equipment. We also install all other items you desire including a heating and cooling system, a fire extinguisher, and first aide kit and alarm keypad. We hook all of this up to a generator to assure operation in the event of a storm.

We realize that a safe room is something you hope you will never need but something that needs to provide the absolute best security possible. So we build piece of mind into all of our safe rooms and do this with an emphasis on safety while staying within your desired budget.


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