Shield Security Doors computer system of product design and quality assurance. The strength characteristics of all door nodes are tested by special software at the stage of designing.

The door components for each order are designed individually and prepared by the programme for further production.

The computer system allows controlling manufacturing of each door component at all stages.

In production facilities all devices manufacturing door components are equipped with special computers, controlled by touchpad displays. Having manufactured the necessary component, the employees note in the computer that the work is complete and the component is conveyed to the next facility. Production supervisors can observe the stages manufacturing the components for each particular order. The customers can at any time check on our website when exactly their ordered security door will be produced. Thus, the production load is completely controlled and it accelerates the production process and ensures timely fulfilment of the orders.

Production of metal constructions
The coordinate-programmable press is cutting the steel plates with 0.1mm accuracy. Cutting with such accuracy allows achieving high quality of door components.
Programinis koordinacinis presas

The programmable bending press applies 130t force and thus precisely folds steel door components. Spot welding equipment does not deform the construction and excellently welds 6mm thick steel.

All metal door construction is covered in powder coating
Powder coating is suitable for long-term protection and decoration of metal surfaces. To achieve the perfect surface quality, it is necessary to follow strictly all steps of the colouring process and therefore, to ensure the stability of colouring, we have installed a conveyor door colouring line.

Prior to colouring, the surface of the door construction is degreased and phosphated by GARDOBOND A4932/1 solution heated up to 80C.

Pre-electrified dry colouring powder is sprayed on the coloured product, providing excellent coating and durability. With regard to the shape of the product, the strength of the electrostatic field and the flow of sprayed colouring is controlled and adjusted by the programmes of the electronic device.

The door covered in colouring powder is placed in an oven. The electronics of the powder coating polymerisation oven regulates the temperature of powder melting (180-200C) and time. Thus, high-quality and even thickness of the coating is obtained, which is more durable than ordinary painting.

The quality of door painting is checked by an electronic device of measuring coating thickness.

Finish of outside doors
Outside entrance doors must meet a lot of high requirements. These doors have to be resistant to wind, have good thermal transmittance, high sound insulation, and be waterproof and airproof. Moreover, we all want the door to be aesthetically pleasing not only while they are new, but also after many years. In order to meet all these requirements, knowledge and high-quality materials are necessary, therefore we have selected certified, especially durable, waterproof Belgian wood fibreboardUMIDAX-HLS for the finish of entrance doors.

Programmable door finish polishing and milling machine.

Despite of the fact that UMIDAX-HLS finish board has quality certificates and protocols of water resistance tests carried out in Lithuania, prior to colouring we additionally impregnate it by Milesi bi-component polyurethane insulator, which protects the board from moisture even after mechanical damage. After the surface is insulated, we spray it by Milesi bi-component polyurethane primer. The mixing ratio of the primer and hardener is controlled by electronic devices and therefore, obtained covering is of excellent chemical composition. Well prepared surface is painted in Milesi bi-component polyurethane paint. High quality paint does not discolour even after many years.

Finish of interior doors
The finish of security and fire resistant door Shield can be of natural wood, natural veneer, various plywood, laminate, etc. However, most often we use medium density fibreboard (MDF) board laminated by PVC film or a painted Umidax-HLS board.

MDF is vacuumed by water resistant film, which does not discolour and ensures durability of the product. This door finish is intended for interior doors (apartments in apartment buildings, etc.), has hard surface and therefore, is especially resistant to mechanical impact. Rounded door finish edges provide even more strength and aesthetic appearance, which is easy to take care of. We have a wide assortment of PVC film imitating various wood.

Each component is produced with maximum focus on the quality.

All metal components necessary for manufacturing armoured door Shield (protective frame fixing liners, stainless steel covering caps for hinges, protective pins of hinges, non-standard handles, etc.) are produced in our company using modern programmable CNC metal processing machine OKUMA (Japan).

Assembly of the door
Metal leaf construction of the security door is thermally insulated by rock wood. Placement of finish panels. Packaging of armoured door. Transporting to the warehouse. The doors are ready for transportation to foreign partners. Loading the doors for transportation.

Delivery of the orders to any point of the world.