Panic Rooms

At Shield we consider it our job to reassure and protect, rather than frighten. But we also know that for some of our clients there is a real risk of harm from the outside world, and we need to provide protection and reassurance for them.

Panic, or safe rooms, are there to provide an ultra-safe location inside your home, where you or your family can retreat during a robbery or other threat. Think of a panic room as a vault for your most valuable asset, your family.

Usually the door is made from a double-core metal with a heavy deadbolt where the need for a key is eliminated. If you need to use you panic room, then you will also need to contact emergency services. Therefore a secure means of communication with the outside world is imperative and a video monitor that shows all activity outside the door and in the house is a worthwhile investment.

Although it’s called a panic room, remember that the purpose is not for you to panic, but for you to be safe.

About our panic rooms

  • We construct our walls from floor to ceiling for structural continuity.
  • We use steel studs for our walls, and brace them with reinforcing ties, then cover them with bullet resistant material such as Kevlar.
  • We cover the bullet resistant material with sheetrock, tile or other decorative finishes.
  • We overlap resistant sheets to ensure there are no weak points.
  • We incorporate all necessary facilities such as wiring, plumbing and ventilation (evaluating the potential threat
    of poisonous gases) and build according to the threat.
  • Our floors are concrete whenever possible, and reinforced to allow for the added weight of the room.
  • Doors are bullet-resistant with internal steel framing. We also use hardware that can provide substantial, secure locking.
  • Sound insulation prevents attackers from hearing you, or you hearing them.
  • We incorporate the finest surveillance and computer equipment.

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