Shield Standard 2

Designed for medium risk of burglary

Burglary resistance Class 2 (WK2) by EN 1627:2011

A burglar resistant door that will protect you from a burglar using basic tools. This door has excellent sound and thermal insulation and is suitable both for apartments and private houses, with materials suitable for outdoor conditions.

This door can be made fire resistant, and opened inwards or outwards.

Standard door set:

  • Door leaf – special bent metal construction with 100% thermal insulation by two 50mm rock wool sheets. Total width of the leaf is 75 mm. With a protective plate to prevent drilling of the lock.
  • Hinges with supporting bearings, covered with chrome-plated finishing caps –two pieces.
  • Protective pins for door hinges – two roll pins 16 mm Ø, four stable pins 12 mm Ø.
  • Insulation seals – two pieces.
  • Additional fire resistant seal if the door has to be fire resistant.
  • Peephole.
  • Outside architraves.
  • Locks – optional, but no lower than 3rd security class.

The Shield Standard 2 was tested by the IFT Rosenheim laboratory in Germany and was awarded security class 2 (WK2) according to EN 1627:2011 standard, where the locks must be no lower than security class 3

Shield Premium is suitable both for apartments and private houses using materials suitable for outdoor conditions.


Sound Insulation 42db Rw (C;Ctr)

Thermal transmittance 1·3W (m2-K)

Burglar resistance EN 1627:2011 WK2 class 2

Opening and closing 200,000 cycles

Resistance to wind load Class C3

Air permeability Class 3

Water tightness Class 2A

Fire resistance EI 45

Mechanical strength& rigidity Class 4

The Shield Standard 2 door is resistant to all of the below burglary tools, and achieves class 2 (WK2) by EN 1627:2011

Any Shape, Style & Option

Shield Security Doors provide unparalleled strength, but come in a range of beautiful styles to match any environment.

Examples of Shield Standard 2 Security Doors

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